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Retaining an attorney is a life experience that most individuals would rather live without. However, you may reach a point in your marriage, your life or your finances where the help of an attorney is necessary.

Selecting an attorney in today's market is an overwhelming feat. You are consistently inundated with advertisements in almost every form of media. At The Law Office of Diane Anderson, our attorney can truly empathize with her clients.

• An Attorney Who Has Real-Life Experiences•

Like the individuals she represents, Ms. Anderson has been through a divorce and filed bankruptcy. Additionally, she dealt with the repercussions of a family death that was not preceded by adequate estate planning. These firsthand experiences allow attorney Anderson to closely connect with her clients.

She also understands that the law can be difficult to navigate. Ms. Anderson offers legal advice in plain English, while providing a compassionate and caring environment for her clients. While it may seem scary, she believes that the law does not have to be something to fear, but instead something you can use to empower yourself to build a better, stronger future for you and your family.

As a lawyer and a mom, attorney Anderson is no stranger to hard work. After her divorce, she obtained an MBA and a law degree as a single parent. She believes firmly in the power of knowledge and aims to educate her clients as she provides comprehensive, individualized legal representation.


  • An Attorney Who Has Real-Life Experiences

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